In the photo a Miata I once ownedthe wheels are black, because I spent an evening "plastidipping" my Kosei K1 wheels for a different look. When considering suspension options for the Miata, the sky is the limit. For a good budget combo, combine a…. The tire also proved to be relatively quiet and expected life span is consistent with the competition.

Are you looking for Miata tires or something for your Honda Civic? Or maybe you're interested in M3 tires or a set of tires for your Porsche Dunlop knows their customer…. Looking to replace the Original Equipment O.

E tires on your Mazda MX-5 Miata? Lighter wheels can make a noticeable difference in the handling of low torque, lightweight vehicles, like my MAZDA Miata. Looking for a light, high quality and attractive performance alloy wheel for my vehicle, I took a look at the options available from Kosei.

It was developed to blend looks and handling with good noise levels andride comfort,…. In and Mazda offered a Mazdaspeed version of the Miata that featured a turbo charged motor and 17" wheels and tires.

With a 0 - 60 mph time of 6.

Project BRAP // NEW WHEELS!! - Advanti Storm S1's \\

Looking to increase the performance of your Mazda Miata? This wheel comes in a 4x bolt pattern, 30 mm offset and 15x7 in a Miata-specific center bore. They only weigh I highly recommend these tires to all Miata owners out there. What a change in all aspects of driving. It was like day and night difference.

My car drove and handled…. If you're looking for Miata tires, a simple search by vehicle will give you a detailed list of options. Just enter in your Miata, then let our system present you with the available replacement tires. You'll see best sellers, consumer reviews, and even a tire test result or two. Here's what a few…. I also chose the tire because….

Need help choosing the right product for your vehicle? Our team of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help. Just pick up the phone and give us a ring. Our experts love solving problems and lending a hand or ear. Why Tire Rack? Order Tracking Customer Support. If you are seeing this message, we have detected that Javascript support is currently disabled in your browser preferences.

Search By Vehicle. Products 1. Advice Reviews 4. Videos All Having trouble posting or changing forum settings? MX-5 Miata World www. Tires Posted by Tires 1.

I have a Miata SE and wanted to know what brand or kind of tires to replace what I have. My car is stock only, no extras. Thanx, Jim. Sponsored Links. Re: Tires 2. Skye Skye Nott. Kamloops, BC, Canada. Top Contributor. The AutoShrine Network www. Re: Tires 3. My SE is also stock. I like doing business with Costco tires. I did have to special order these tires. They seem fine for my non competitive driving style.

The posted picture is with the previous BFGs. Re: Tires 4. Thanx for the info. How much were the tires and who installed them? What is the warranty on them? My mechanic recommended Michelin. Right now I have Bridgestone Potenzas.

Re: Tires 5. They also do free re-balancing and rotation every miles. Costco also repairs fixable punctures.Back in the day, new engines had special "break-in" oil which was necessary to help get everything seated properly, get little bits of metal out of there, and essentially make up for the fact that engine's weren't exactly blueprinted.

Automotive engine design as well as lubricant technology has evolved dramatically in the past 20 years. Manufacturers no longer use break-in oil. Engines are designed on state-of-the-art CAD systems, and manufacturing methods have improved to the point where tolerances are extremely tight. Engine break-in is not what it used to be. Mazda's break-in recommendation is as follows: No special break-in is necessary, but a few precautions in the first 1, km miles may add to the performance, economy, and life of your Mazda.

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Basically, just go out and drive it normally and have fun! Lance Schall answers the crankshaft question in an excellent article. We've added a compatibility guide to answer these questions. It'll take some time to make the guide complete, but at least it's a start. Mostly this depends upon the type of driving you do and the type of weather you do it in. There are others as well. The Yokohama A and Dunlop DA2 have received high recommendations from other Miata owners on the list for everyday driving.

Yes some people drive their Miatas in the snow - the Pirelli P has been well received as has been the Nokia Hakkapelitta tire - but you must outfit all four corners with the winter tires to realize the benefit.

You have to keep in mind that there is no such thing as "the best tire". It is highly dependent on a number of criteria - not all of which can be achieved in a single tire. You must consider: wet performance, dry performance, snow performance, longevity, price, and one or two other items.

A tire that is "best" in one category may be terrible in another.

miata tires forum

Before choosing tires, you must know which of these items is most important. You must also remember that "all-season" tires are, by their nature, a compromise. They are merely adequate in all conditions and excel in none. As a result, if you use your Miata as a commuter car or for just buzzing around on weekends and you don't push the car to the limit, an all-season tire may be the right one for you.

Just don't make the mistake of thinking you have the best tires. Don't expect to get much traction in the snow. They are a compromise. Many people mistakenly think the Dunlop DA2 is the best tire for a Miata. This is true for a limited set of criteria. It is a low cost, adequate performer that will last a long time.

However it is an all-season tire and therefore is a compromise. It represents good value for the money. The factory wheels both steel wheels and alloys are 14" x 5. The model increased the alloy wheel to a 14" x 6" wheel to better accommodate wide tires. The steel wheels remain 14" x 5. This will give about a 10mm increase in width without changing the overall tire diameter.

It differs from stock by Check out the Miata. You can pick up a bit of extra room by removing some of the foam padding from the seat - either from the seating area or from the seat back depending on whether you need to gain space for the legs or for the torso.

Additional headroom can be gained by removing the seat adjuster rails and bolting the seat directly to the floor, but the sacrifice in adjustability may not be what you want. As a large Miata enthusiast I have been looking for ways to be more comfortable in my Miata.These renewed Miatas wear painstakingly-recreated versions of the inch rubber offered with the original in The Bridgestone SF was one of three tires developed in the late s specifically for Miata Dunlop and Yokohama produced the other variants.

The tread pattern aped that of earlier radials, like the Dunlop SP Formula, fitted to classic European sports cars. The engineering brief prioritized predictability over maximum grip. With the [Miata], we made the tires to give better controllability; we applied a soft sidewall with a soft tread. Enthusiasts of the day took all that in with something of an indifferent shrug. Practically the moment the Miata hit the market, racers and autocrossers were chucking aside the cushy stock tires for more aggressive stuff.

Bywhen Mazda and Bridgestone embarked on the restoration project Yokohama and Dunlop declined to participatethe tires were out of production and all but out of existence. All Bridgestone had to work from was a single Miata on SFs loaned from the Mazda museum, and their memories.

We were the test drivers. They tested myriad formulations of the new tire. There was no pretense of recreating the original compound—even if that were possible—as Bridgestone wanted to incorporate advances in durability, wet weather traction, and rolling resistance. All in, the effort took a year, or about half the time Bridgestone would devote to developing a tire for a new car. Other times, though, the rubber is the keystone to the car. Some automakers are working on modern solutions.

Porsche, for instance, periodically tests new tires on its museum cars and has recommendations for everything from the to the Carrera GT. McLaren will not only replace tires on the F1 road car but makes sure to scrub them on a test track. No surprise, these efforts are mostly reserved for high-dollar cars, something the first-generation Miata, despite climbing values, is certainly not. That means all of us Miata owners in the States—where Bridgestone has no plans to market the tire—will have to lay awake at night knowing our cars could be infinitesimally more pure and fun.

Imagine that. You may also like Related Posts. Mazda expands Miata restoration parts catalog to first-gen models Keep your NA Miata looking factory fresh. A Story About. Your weekly dose of car news from Hagerty in your inbox.

See more newsletters Thanks for signing up. Sign up. More on this topic. News Toyota Supra gets 47 more hp, but worse fuel economy Eric Weiner. News Distressed airplane lands on highway in Canada and, of course, everyone is chill Nathan Petroelje.If you own a Miata-related business and are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email PhatMiata gmail. In this time of quarantine and isolation, I thought it would be cool to share self-narrated videos of our Miatas. A lot of us have build threads, but Since we're all supposed to stay in our homes during this Coronavirus deal, I figured I should run a small sale to help stave off boredom.

And, you Hi All, I've lurked on the forums here the past few months and I've been inspired to document my own build after seeing some incredible builds on Sale Prices While Supplies Last Images from Autocar UK I like this a lot, except for the white dash trim :.

Finally got one started. Please forgive me if anything is out of order and if the pics suck. This is my first build thread ever. It all started Just wanted to get this posted up and started to keep track of things! This one I drove her across 6 States for Must be a manual Transmission. I'm in I would love to build myself a I have one of the original Diahatsyu back up lamps used in the GV panels, brand new.

I'll start at the beginning. I bought my mx-5 on november 13that that point it had km's on the body, and having had a short Really need a place to try and document some of the stuff we are doing on the 00SE shop car.

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Little background on it. Was originally bought sight Many on this forum follow some of the stuff I post up on other platforms, but really needed a space to organize and be able to reflect back on for After some careful consideration, I figured WTH. Those of you with short attention spans or who are easily bored will want to skip this first post, Hello All, It is a little while since I have posted on here. I am afraid I have been busy and whilst I have been doing some MX5 work it has been Home Welcome.

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miata tires forum

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